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8 hodnocení

  • Michaela T.

    Trhani zubu bylo za chvily hotove , vubec to nebolelo , super pristup , mila sestricka a moc hezky pan doktor

    Michaela T. čtvrtek, 10 srpen 2017 09:27 Číst hodnocení
  • Teresa

    I had a tooth extracted because it was no longer possible to fill what little remained of my tooth. A photo of the teeth was put on a large screen and the dentist went over the photo to explain why he believed it was no longer possible to fill the tooth. I also had an implant done on another missing teeth. The dentist went over the three types of implants they use and told me to consider the options over night which I did. I decided on a Swiss brand because I also needed a sinus lift done at the same time as placing the implant. There was no pressure to chose one above another. The facts were presented and the choice was mine

    Fabulous. I was greeted warmly by the dental assistant girls and also by the dentist. The place was spotless and they were very professional.. Pain free dentistry at it's best.

    Teresa neděle, 27 listopad 2016 15:24 Číst hodnocení
  • Gerhard

    I have been to many dentists in my career.
    I never had such a perfect treatment in such a good quality and atmosphere and highly recommend
    this clinic to everybody.

    Many thanks!

    Gerhard středa, 19 říjen 2016 10:52 Číst hodnocení
  • Michaela

    S navstevou u pana doktora jsem byla velice spokojena. Mam strasny strach ze zubaru, ale pan doktor je velmi laskavy, mily a peclivy. Prijemne prostredi a bajecne sestricky

    Michaela úterý, 18 říjen 2016 19:52 Číst hodnocení
  • Alena Lakshmi

    Velmi precizní profesionální lékař. Skvělá péče za super ceny! Jinam už nepůjdu! Na jiné klinice mi řekli za podobné ošetření pětinásobek. Děkuji moc krát!

    Alena Lakshmi čtvrtek, 22 září 2016 10:20 Číst hodnocení
  • Joel North

    I went to Kvalident clinic after my US dentist told me I needed three crowns. Dr Gavrikov said that one of them was necessary, the second was advisable, and the third unnecessary. He did root canal procedure on one tooth. I decided to have two crowns made. The procedures took eight hours over two days, with a day off between them for fabrication of the crowns.

    I am very pleased with my treatment, from a quick reply to my first inquiry, thorough explanation of services and prices, skillful and efficient work, to an excellent result. The office is modern and fully equipped. Dr Gavrikov was professional and very pleasant -- a good thing if one is spending up to five hours in the chair at a time. I highly recommend this clinic.

    Joel North neděle, 11 září 2016 21:20 Číst hodnocení
  • Karl

    These two guys are awesome without a doubt the best dentist I've ever been to, treatment was fast, courteous and diligent The equipment and facility was modern and clean, i've had several cavities filled and my teeth resurfaced and they've never looked so good . I was very impressed

    I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking dental work their prices are very reasonable. The location in Prague is convenient and the restaurant next-door serves great food at resonable prices . We're going back for implants all the way from Florida and will update Our review then.

    Karl úterý, 02 srpen 2016 15:57 Číst hodnocení
  • Jana Tichá

    Profesionální a lidský přístup, spolu s perfektní péčí. Jsem maximálně spokojená a mohu jednoznačně doporučit.

    Jana Tichá úterý, 26 červenec 2016 00:52 Číst hodnocení



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