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Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment

photo3With regard to aesthetic dentistry and root canal treatment our clinic offer a vast variety of methods. So we can guarantee in each and every case the appropriate one would be chosen.
All procedures are carried out with the application of modern anaesthetics. Additionally, to prevent even minor disagreeable sensations the superficial anaesthetics are widely used. All treatment procedures can be carried out in sedation.

In terms of filling materials for treatment of caries, wedge-shaped defects, gap correction and teeth split we use light-curing materials with molecular adhesion to enamel and dentine such as G-aenial (Fuji), Dyract X (Densply), Charisma Opal (Heraeus). Good aesthetics, ideal polishing and high stability are just some of their qualities.  

In case of a high risk of relapsing of caries the desirable result could be achieved by using cements releasing fluorine ions.

To maintain long-lasting results as well as to prevent high sensitivity fluorine gel is applied.

Unfortunately, the deep caries could often lead to inflammation of the dental pulp and thus to the necessity of root canal treatment (root canal intervention). We are absolutely convinced that the complete tooth restoration is impossible without properly treated and perfectly filled roots.

The traditional methods of root canal treatment can’t allow obtaining the perfect root canal treatment thus we use the advanced Thermafil system of 3d filing.

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