Dental Surgery

As a rule, the aim of surgery is either the improvement of the anatomic conditions or removal of the pathologic processes and formations. All surgery is performed with the latest anaesthetics, which are safe and effective. To intensify their effect inhalation sedation can be used.

We are paying great attention to the sterility of all instruments and equipment. Thus any possibility of catching an infection is totally excluded.

We perform a wide variety of different dental surgeries such as:

  • Any tooth extraction including the extraction of wisdom teeth and root remains even in the most difficult cases
  • Exposure of impacted and partially erupted teeth
  • The removal of the granulomas and cysts (resection)
  • Lingual and labial frenectomy
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery
  • Dental implantation

The surgery is performed according to the plan of the complex functional and aesthetic rehabilitation created in advance. After dental surgery the patient receives the detailed instructions also in written form, and the date of the follow-up visit is agreed on.

The possibility of twenty-four-hour phone consultation with your doctor is an important proof of our responsible attitude towards our patients.