To study the prevalence and character of long-term visual sequelae of acute methanol poisonings based on the data from the Czech mass methanol outbreak in 2012. A total of 50 patients with confirmed methanol poisoning were included in this longitudinal cross-sectional study. The long-term visual sequelae were clearly underestimated on discharge, suggesting a significantly higher amount of patients with long-term sequelae than earlier reported. Thorough examinations before discharge and during follow-up will likely uncover a higher morbidity also after methanol poisonings in general.

Zakharov S, Pelclova D, Diblik P, Urban P, Kuthan P, Nurieva O, Kotikova K, Navratil T, Komarc M, Belacek J, Seidl Z, Vaneckova M, Hubacek JA, Bezdicek O, Klempir J, Yurchenko M, Ruzicka E, Miovsky M, Janikova B, Hovda KE.

Clinical Toxicology, 2015 Nov; 53(9):884-92