Dental Microscope ZEISS

Welcome to the new dimension of dental industry: microdentistry with microscope Zeiss. The German optic equipment producer Karl Zeiss has been successfully operation of the market for more the 60 years manufacturing innovative optic devices for specialists in different fields of medicine.

The application of microscope enables to recognize the tiniest details and structures, which cannot be noticed with the naked eye and, thus, makes the treatment more precise and less invasive. As a result, the better visualization achieved with the aid of microscope with xenon light considerably decreases the risk of complications and quickens the healing time.

Optic equipment facilitates establishing an accurate diagnosis, e.g. revealing latent caries, root canals, cracks, defects of crowns and fillings that are not seen on the x-ray. Moreover, we use microscope for filling fabrication, canal treatment as well as preparation teeth for crowns.