Diagnostic Equipment BioPAK (BioResearch Inc.)
  • Jaw Tracking 3D (JT3D) is a kineziographic device for measuring the 3d movements of the lower jaw and evaluation of its position with a possibility of computer analysis of mouth opening, chewing, swallowing etc. The measured values provide a doctor with a valuable information about the functional state of the orofacial area and its possible defects.
  • Bio-EMG is a myographic device which enables to measure the muscle tension of four groups of chewing muscles in rest, in contraction and under tension. The software analyses the effectiveness, symmetry a synergy of the muscle function and enables the accurate diagnosis of spasms, overloads and parafunctions.
  • Joint Vibration Analysis is a device for diagnosis of the state of TMJ through registration of different vibrations, which appear in the joint. Their intensity, length, frequentation and profile are objective signs of different pathologic states of TMJ, especially in combination with the analysis of JT3D.
  • TENS is a device for electrostimulation with the help of the low frequentation current. It enables to achieve the maximal relaxation of chewing and neck muscles which is an important part of the diagnostic and treatment approach.