The periodontal treatment plays an important role in dentistry as it is intended to maintain the healthy state of the tissues of the mouth cavity comprising gums, bones, and dental ligament.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common diseases of the mentioned tissues. The first symptoms of these diseases are bleeding gums and bad breath (halitosis). If a patient doesn’t take these symptoms seriously, the inflammation will gradually spread into the neighboring tissues causing the extension of periodontal pockets, bone destruction and teeth mobility.

It should be mentioned that usually this periodontal inflammation has a hidden disease course without any visible symptoms or painful sensations.

  • Periodontitis treatment
  • Nowadays there is a wide range of effective methods of periodontitis treatment (both surgical and non-surgical), which is successfully used in our dental clinic:
  • Scaling & root planning (special cleaning procedures)
  • Periodontal pockets lavage with the medical solutions (rinsing the gap between the tooth and gum)
  • Open flap debridement (the surgical procedure intended to reduce the periodontal pockets)
  • Osseous surgery (bone surgery)
  • Bone grafting
  • GTR (guided tissue regeneration with the membrane application)
  • Bone transplantation in case of significant bone destruction
  • Loose teeth splinting with the application of aesthetic composite splints.

Besides, we perform the operations of gingivoplasty encompassing gingival recession treatment and gingival grafting.

Conducting the periodontal procedures we use microsurgical equipment and microscope.