Sedation and local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia

We are using only the safest anaesthetics produced by the leading pharmaceutical companies, which guarantee the absence of any pain. We always choose the most suitable medication for our patients, including pregnant women, elderly people and children.

Comfort of our patients is one of our main priorities. Thus, we apply anaesthetics with the help of computer monitored system WAND, which is a hand-held equipment resembling a pen.

A parented system STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) is based on computed monitored application of anaesthetics. This system considerably improves the process of anaesthetics application for both the patient and the dentist.

Analgosedace nitrous oxide

If you are frightened or have a deep fear of visiting a dental clinic, you should not worry. Usually such a feeling is a result result of your previous negative experience. In our clinic all the procedures (from oral hygiene to dental implantation) could be performed under analgesic sedation.

For analgesic sedation we use the safe and effective inhalation drug, whose distinguished feature is the rapid effect. In 15 minutes after the completion of the dental procedure the patient is able to leave the clinic without any supervision. And in just 30 minutes the patient can safely drive a car.

Full sedation

Full sedation implies a purposeful temporary loss of all perception (touch, pain, warmth, cold) by admission of sedative drugs. The aim of full sedation is to facilitate a dental procedure by reducing irritability or agitation.

Dental procedures can be performed in full sedation or in intravenous sedation. These methods can be considered for patients with uncontrolled fear, handicaps or children who refuse to cooperate. All procedures are conducted by an experienced certificated anaesthesiologist.