Prosthetics, crowns and bridges

It is the complete destruction of a tooth, which frequently makes the prosthetics treatment to be the only possible solution. With regard to the prosthetics dentistry we apply a broad variety of methods and in order to provide you with a considerable choice of different possibilities. High accuracy and aesthetics are our priority in prosthetic making.

All our dental prosthetics meets the highest standards and can be hardly distinguished from natural teeth.

Working with reliable laboratories, we are making various dental prosthetics, comprising of:

  • Aesthetic ceramic veneers on the front teeth
  • Highly precise filings made in laboratories (Inlay and onlay)
  • Whole ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Crowns and bridges with composite lining
  • Irremovable metal sets
  • Removable constructions including full, partial, hybrid on implants, soft and locked attachment sets.

It goes without saying that dental implants can significantly extend the possibilities of prosthetic treatment.