TMJ treatment
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The treatment of temporomandibular disorders is one of the most important domains of our practice. The pathology of the temporomandibuar joint could be caused by various reasons such as chronic stress, hormonal disorders, abnormal gaps between teeth, etc. Though these disorders are becoming more and more widespread, they are rarely properly diagnosed, as there are few specialists in this new field of dentistry.

The temporomandibular joint is a complex with a crucial anatomic position, distinguishing it from other joints. From the position of anatomy and biomechanics it is the second most complicated joint of the human body. Its function depends on the masticatory muscle condition and occlusion. Unfortunately, little attention is paid to the functional condition of the temporomandibular joint as its diagnosis requires special equipment. In practice it leads to the chronic sensitivity of pain (including one of neurological origin), filling fracture, fracture of porcelain restoration and to many other unpleasant symptoms.

Nevertheless, the barely visible first signs (slight pain, clicking, popping, grating in the joint) are not often taken into account and thus they lead to the subsequent progress of pathology. That is why we devote serious attention to the treatment of temporemandibular joint.

BioPAK System

To provide our patients suffering from temporomandibular disorders with professional help we use the unique cutting-edge diagnostic equipment System BioPAK (BioResearch Inc., USA). We are very proud of being the only dental clinic in the Czech Republic implementing BioPAK System, which comprises of the following items:

Jaw Tracking 3D (JT-3D), a computer kinesiologic equipment recording incisor-point movements in three dimensions, which enables to analyze the processes of mastication and deglutition (chewing and swallowing). The recorded data is used to receive valuable information about the functional state of the temporemandibular region as well as the possible deviations.

Bio-EMG, equipment for measuring the electric potential of different chewing muscles in the state of rest, motion and chewing. The program analyzes the effectiveness, symmetry and the degree of synergy under the muscle movement, including the precise diagnosis of spasm, overloading and para-funtions.

Joint Vibration Analysis, a device enabling the registering of different vibrations, arising in the joint when in moving. Their intensity, duration, frequency and profile are the objective characteristics of different pathologic processes in the temporomandibular joint.

TENS, a device for muscles electric stimulation by ultra low-frequency current. This component helps to reach the maximum muscles relaxation for diagnostics and treatment.